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Why Aquaculture?

The decline of fisheries stocks as a result of over exploitation, pollution and the rising market demands is resulting in a rapidly shrinking resource base and reducing the contribution to global food security. Aquaculture has become the final frontier in the provision of food for our growing population as there is no other main food source where we rely on nature (capture fisheries) to provide for our needs. Yields from capture fisheries have peaked and their sustainability is under question with predictions that there will be declines in landings over the next twenty years. The culturing of aquatic organisms is not a new industry, but its importance is still to be realised and the potential to provide a valuable food source from production sites located anywhere in the world is enormous as presently it only supplies 50% of the present demand. Feeding our future populations is a challenge that will take a concerted global effort.


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Aquaculture Growth Fund


The Aquaculture Growth Fund is a dedicated investment vehicle that focuses its investments in the field of sustainable aquaculture and directly related industries. The reason for this focus is clear, the future of aquaculture as a business is enormous and still growing. As an investment opportunity, aquaculture presents a range of very different types of investments, ranging from the mass production of low-value species in cages, through to the production of the highest valued Caviar in land-based recirculation systems.

A 2011 paper published by Nutreco asks "Can we feed 9 billion people in 2050 in a sustainable way?" Demand for seafood is projected to continue to grow, as it has done over the past forty years and this demand can only be delivered by aquacultured products.